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Top 5 most beautiful destinations in Malaga!

malaga puento nuevo

Welcome to the always sunny Spain, to Malaga, where the magic exotic atmosphere invites you in, the beautiful places and views surround you at every step and the warm and cheerful Spanish people simply melt your heart.

Soho Street Art
One amazing and popular destination which cannot be missed is the famous art neighbourhood Soho, situated between Alameda Principal and the port.
The graffiti and wall murals represent one of the most iconic elements in Soho, where the area is full of cafes, galleries and art spaces, putting on a wide range of cultural events and activities.

El Puento Nuevo
Despite being a modern growing town, Ronda preserves its historic charm, especially the old town.
The most famous attraction of Malaga, looking like a spectacular scene from Game of Thrones, Puente Nuevo, Ronda’s “new bridge” construction was finished in 1793, not without effort and difficulty, after 40 years of hard work.
The bridge divides Ronda into the new town (mercadillo, ”little market”) and the old town (La Ciudad).
The project was first proposed by King Felipe V in 1735 in order to improve an earlier and impossibly steep 16th century bridge, the Puente Viejo, located 150m upstream from this Puente Nuevo.

El Torcal de Antequera
Situated about 30 km north of Malaga, El Torcal park and the protected El Torcal Natural Area is known for its peculiar limestone rock formations. El Torcal is located between the city of Antequera and the municipality of Villanueva de la Concepcion.
Strolling around El Torcal is like taking a journey to the past, as its rock formations are the result of processes that took place several hundred million years ago. The fascinating fact it’s that the impressive landscape, rich in fauna and flora, was formed over 200 million years ago and remained under sea until 100 million years ago.
This natural area is surrounded by lush vegetation and it’s enjoying a wide wildlife, among which we mention the golden eagles and foxes. All in all, this green corner of paradise is the ideal destinations for hiking or sports activities like cycling and climbing.

The Nerja Caves
Discovered on the 12th of January 1959 by a group of young locals, the famous Nerja Caves are located in Maro, a district of Nerja (Malaga), being classed as a ”Good of Cultural Interest”, a heritage registration in Spain.
This stunning attraction cannot be missed while visiting Malaga, offering a 45 minute trip into one of the most fascinating and important historical caves in the world. Here you will discover the oldest work of art known to man and also some of the largest rock formations around.
There are 3 galleries: the public gallery, the high gallery, and the new gallery (only the public gallery is open to tourists). The caves are rich in speleothems ( stalactites, stalagmites, columns and spirals), being present everywhere – on the ceiling, floor and walls – it truly is an amazing experience, which should be lived at least once in a lifetime.
The most striking feature of these limestone caves is undoubtedly the world’s longest and largest stalactite, whose 33 meters height and 42×22 feet base are located in the Cataclysm Hall.
In these caves, there have also been discovered 589 rock paintings, which are estimated to be from the Upper Paleolithic and recent ancient history.

The Alcazaba of Malaga
At the bottom of Gibralfaro, the Alcazaba de Malaga is one of the most beautiful historic and architectural monuments in the city. This fortress palace, whose name in Arabic means citadel, was built during the Muslim period (11th century) and it represents one of the most visited locations, due to its breathtaking views, as well as its rich and intriguing history.
Since from the entry, the absolutely enchanting landscapes and atmosphere tempt you in, where you can admire beautiful viewpoints across the Alcazaba, rectangular patios with fountains, small gardens filled with scented jasmines and endless flowers, as well as other hidden gems.

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An amazing tasty journey to Málaga


The largest city on the Costa del Sol, Málaga, is a place of beautiful contradictions which harmoniously collide and become an awesome holiday destination, impregnated with charm and mystery to be revealed.
Málaga truly has it all, and its sights range from scenic beaches and hikes to its century-old castle structures, stylish harbors and excellent restaurants.

The best day to start a day is by having breakfast at Cafe Centra, the classic old man bar very popular among tourists, where you can literally have “Smurfs”- “Pitufos”, a small bread roll with Spanish olive oil, tomato puree and Iberian ham, which is absolutely delicious, even though it’s not blue or cartoonish. You have to try it!

Although in Spain, churros are very popular and tasty, Málaga has its own unique way of serving them. The iconic shape of churros, called the tejeringo makes them even more tasty, playful and definitely more irresistible. You can’t hide from their delicious and sweet taste and you can’t leave Málaga without trying them, well dipped in coffee, chocolate, or plain sugar. These churros are definitely not dessert, they are just sweet snacks which you can have them all day long if you want to, without feeling guilty!

If you want to have a good meal in Málaga, you can go pretty much everywhere, because the Spanish cuisine is based on fresh food preparation, not on pre-cooked food. There is a varied range of dishes you can choose from, starting with the popular tapas, which are basically tasty starters, before having the main course, consisting of fried fish, Brava fries, octopus, squid or Padron peppers, very much appreciated by the tourists.
As a main course, you can have all kinds of meat alongside with fries and salad, the famous delicious paella, which consists of rice and seafood or you can have cuttlefish and shells in heavenly exquisite sauces. The Spanish cuisine is so rich in flavors and colors, so diverse and amazingly tasty that you can easily get used to this type of cuisine for the rest of your life.

Not mentioning the famous Spanish drinks and cocktails, such as the sweet creamy horchata, icy fruits granizados, amazing wine or cava sangria and unusually served beer with sweet fizzy water, called clara.

Spain is amazing and Málaga is definitely worth visiting, always counting on Malaga Airport Transfers for unforgettable holidays and beautiful moments with your loved ones!